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'well, you know what they say about comfy shoes...'

ooh but i did get a new phone.. i think i love it, and it might even love me. have been taking photos of my dog all day. he seems unimpressed. ah well. but sadly nobody loves me so still waiting for my first text or call. ok so i called myself from the house phone.. it was very exciting!

should i apply to hmv? might it be the worst decision i've ever made? so much history, too much? ok, if andy or paul are there when i go in tomorrow then i'll ask about the job.. if not.. i will run away and hide.

oh and i just love my flirty hamster :)

oh my god, what is that golfing woman wearing? is it a nun? not that she's skinned a nun and is now wearing her as a coat, because ewwww. i meant more the way she is dressed makes her look like a nun.. hmm, binoculars..
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