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ooh kitties!!

today was a good day.. a very good day. there were very lovely staff in all the shops i was in..

ooh was walking down the high street. and was thinking hmm charity people are up here again, and who should i meet but the same guy who tried to get me to work for them back down in glasgow! would have been very insulted if he hadn't remembered me but yay! he did. so we stood and chatted a while. it was fun. also he may be the cutest person i have ever met. and so very very pleasant. i likes nice sweet people.

from there i had nice staff person apologise to me in pentangle for the woman who jumped the queue ahead of me. and i was happy and cheery and it was all good.

then.. went to hmv. and andy was indeed there.. so handed in application to him and he says he'll put in a good word for me with the powers that be.

ooh and i saw my stalker as well, which was creepy cause i was just thinking how i miss having a stalker and maybe i'd need to start recruiting for a new one. but nobody could ever be as creepy or evil as kirsty. no indeed.

tonight i go for dinner, at the place i was going to go and grovel for a job. but i may just be friendly and pleasant and save the grovelling for next week.
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