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so what you gonna do now?

hmm. in the last 4 days i've completed silent hill 2 and splinter cell. damn. now i need new games and have no money to buy them. also the endings of both kinda sucked. splinter cell i got stuck at the abatoir for months and months.. then got through the last 2 missions in two days. i was sad. and now i have nothing to do.. need a job. need money. also need to study.

i suspect hmv won't give me a job once they find out i'm not staying here. they seem to like keeping their staff. it would be easy enough to lie, but sadly knowing henry and andy and the likes, they'll know that i'm not planning staying. ah what to do. also interview not till wednesday, so even if they wanted me to start straightaway it would be thursday at earliest, then i'm leaving a few days later. and even if i do get that i'll be looking for another job too cause it's very part time.

and there's a fucking fly in my wine. yes i did just wipe red wine all over blue jeans. fool.

and have i mentioned before the being too many martins in the world? cause if so then i'll do it again. what the hell is the deal with that? today i met michelle's new boyfriend.. you'll never guess what his name is? brian. no i jest. martin. have worked out that i now know at least 12 martins to talk to, various others i don't really know.. if they could just get rid of martins, and susans, and capricorns.. well then i wouldn't know anyone so maybe not so good.

golf is such a silly sport
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