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eeeeeeeee! sugar high!!!

i love my dad's job!! on Friday he got sent a box of crisps of various flavours to 'test' today..

candyfloss and popcorn!!! eeeeeeee!!!!! must stop eating the sugary goodness. but so so pleasant and melty. like edible pink clouds. mmmm

is it wrong that i'm sooo excited about finding nemo? and i don't even like fish!!

ok, calming thoughts. tomorrow i have interview at fairways, on Wednesday hmv. problem? both looking for weekend staff. damn. sadly one of my talents is not cloning myself for job purposes. ah well. we will see what transpires. transpires. yes i am to be studying again.

and there is a deer in the garden?? is the candyfloss making me hallucinate? i will be back....

awww. we have a bambi.. an ickle roe deer wandering around. neighbours been spending half the morning trying to get it out of his vegetable patch. hmm. needs a name.

right. yes good. off i go..
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