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uhh. yay?

so, i start work on Friday night at 7. then on Saturday at 12.. and after that they shall see if i'm useless or not. tomorrow interview at hmv. will be interesting, and i suspect more of an interview than today where it was really 'hi. when can you start? you climb over that fence to get in'

yes it has always been my goal to find a job where i can climb a fence and walk through a field to get there. no really. well, i didn't realise it was my goal till today.

otherly, new car arrived today. woo! cd player. this is far more of an incentive than any other for me to drive again. except the car will be spending most of it's like parked in a place out of town. grr.

so. ooh. i have a candy floss experiment to try. it may prove interesting. but more on that later.

and we're not sure if the deer is boy or girl.. am bad with that sort of thing. but at the moment deirdre and doris are popular for a girl, and douglas or eric for a boy. personally i like flower. it's so very bambi, but with a twist. and it does seem to like eating roses. hmm
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