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it's finally happened

after 13 years the dog has worked out how to stamp his foot when he wants things. joy.

i've been reminiscing. someone else has been doing this, or maybe someone told me i was. i forget. it's very strange. i even dug out the little red laptop that could in an endeavour to find records of stuff beyond the last year or so. because my live journal is a bit too cryptic even for me. damn. and letters! how i love letters. they are so papery and move aroundable. hmm. anyway many things i had forgotten. partly that the last two summers have been pretty damn good. with people home and sun and socialising and stuff. this year so far has been very.. huh. although weirdly i have been more sociable than i usually am so i have hope for good things.

i think my minidisc player might have died from lack of love and attention. also it smells vaguely of peach schnapps so that may also be a factor. ok, it's not been played since at least last September.. so, interesting experiment, what was i listening to back then? hmm the ataris. how.. expected.

i think i've been experiencing sugar hangovers.. or withdrawal symptoms. something. i seriously considered candy floss on toast for breakfast. this is not my fault. i'm young and impressionable. yup.

my mum just emailed to ask if i could take prawns out of the freezer because she tried the house phone, my mobile, my dad's line and his mobile and couldn't get through on any of them. It worries me that we have 4 phone lines in the house and yet can't be contacted.

so i should go. eat strawberries. fill out form so that i'll actually get paid for working. always good.
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