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so how much do you.. ?

it's so fucking freaky that the entire front page of at least one national newspaper is devoted to the murder of a little girl who lived so close to, well, my gran, steev, me, many others. who went to our primary school? i know this happened a fair while ago, but when you wake up and all the details are over the front pages... it's so insane.

i don't really know how to switch to my usual style now, cause, generally i tend to write with the impression of not giving a fuck about anything. except i do. a lot. it's amazing how egocentric i am because i can make a post that was about that end up being all about me and my problems. i do care. really. maybe too much. so i run away and hide. apparently it's typical.

so i got the job at hmv. they called yesterday and when i phoned back was convinced i hadn't got it. but yes. this is weird. considering the interview may have been the most awkward experience of my life. imagine being in the same room as a guy you once pulled and then screwed over. imagine this happening at a job interview.. yay!

am not sure how much i really want to work there. maybe it'll be good. am enjoying fairways a lot though. i think i might end up doing mornings at hmv, afternoons studying, then nights at fairways. will be good if it stops me being a slacker and drinking and such though. also woo i get to go to aberdeen for training!

anyway fuck it i'm done
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