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'fook off!! now i've dropped me fag"

yeah.. so...

london was great.. too good. it might have been the best holiday i've ever had. there was no falling out, or me being too tired or ill to do things. it's taken 7 1/2 fucking years but finally i can go out and about all day for 5 days without having to worry about resting or having a breakdown in a shop. ok i was a bit weird at the airport on the way back, but i think it was just cause i'd been so relaxed then realised i had to go back to everything. and sure enough within an hour of being home i was in my worst mood for many a time. it's a joy being back. on the plus side my hand is healing. well there's still a lump there and if anyone knocks against it i feel a great need to kick them in the shins.. but my rings almost never get stuck anymore!

hmv is fun. well. i have music anyway. and someone wanted to reserve two a-team dvds today. and it is the highest paid of all high street retailers.. woo! although i think my training person may hate me cause i went to wimbledon and she didn't. she did get very upset about it. and there is almost no awkwardness with andy. this is good seeing as he's my mentor. but i don't answer to him.. very important. the only downside is the fire 'alarms' but also handy cause hmv staff gather next to boots staff so i get to speak to linzi and margaret and the likes.

fairways is also good. with customers and such. regulars are good.. it's friendly, but not so good for the tips. so. i work Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this week. have a day off from both jobs on Sunday!!! woo! well it would be if i didn't have essay to do. damn.

oh and i got my court summons or whatever the fuck it is. at least i'm a witness for the prosecution. but not too keen on meeting up with that fucking nutcase taxi driver again. it's not as if i don't have enough reasons to dislike martin bain as it is. and remind me never to go anywhere with christina and anne again. jeeesus.

hmm. it occurs. i now get 30% discount at hmv and waterstones. free meals at fairways. free golf if i should ever feel the need. and discount on drinks. this is interesting. now if only i had money to spend at these places...
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