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what happened to the weather? where is the snow? ok so we have about 2 inches, but seriously it was far colder than this in december. it's very upsetting. i will not endure getting called han solo for no good reason.

happenings. ooh since the oscar nomination the lost in translation soundtrack has been playing at work, although don't think anyone else has been to see it yet. i was very impressed, especially considering i've never really liked bill murray and have had issues with scarlett johansson ever since the horse whisperer. and how fortunate that sofia coppola decided to go with directing instead of acting.

oh i finally gave blood. it was very strange and i briefly thought i was going to die, or at least never come back. not with the actual giving, but getting to the place. went through main door of hospital and followed the signs. up to the stage where there were only signs for blood transfusion and the mortuary. hmm. then i ended up in some freezing cold stairwell. with a sign on the fire escape saying donors this way. so out into the blizzard i go. i think the plan is to make you so scared on the way there that when you actually arrive it's such a relief you'd give 6 pints of blood. so it was fun. my carer was ray, he knows someone from hmv, and next time i go i get a badge!

the best thing about it all though was drinking afterwards. i'm sure if they changed their slogan to 'give blood, get drunk fast' it would be so much more popular. hmm anyway.

lots to write. actual things which are important. but too much to do, can't sit and think about them. maybe more later
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