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um.. thank you?

before i begin.. pretzels in stick form? genius.

my boss threatened to kill me today. he occasionally does that. today i suspect he actually meant it. funny thing is he threatened to kill me over garfield. the movie. i could understand if it was about star wars or maybe mean girls, but no. garfield. anyway i incurred wrath. no matter.

this thing happened. there was someone, and he blamed himself for the death of another person. but then somehow, after talking to me, he spoke to his family about it for the first time, and now he doesn't believe he was responsible and doesn't feel guilty anymore. it's very surprising. that you can have that much of an effect on somebody else. or that anything you say can actually help. what's even stranger is that i managed to have a fairly impressive breakdown in front of another real live person and let them try to help me. this happened in september, and to say i cried like a girl would be an understatement.

but afterwards, and ever since, i have felt so much better, like i'm finally fixed or something.

it's always slightly disturbing to realise that you've started to act like an adult. so naturally you have to spend at least an hour jumping in the deepest puddles around while resorting to hairpulling and slapping, in order to reassert your childishness.

i must sleep, perhaps i only updated in honour of the daisy rediscovering her journal, but before i go, just a quick reminder that the ultimate action film is none other than.. bambi. no seriously. guns, death, blood, running, storms, fire.. what more can possibly be asked for? surely nothing.
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