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Long time coming

First post in 5 years.

An absolute shitload can happen in 5 years,

For the first time since starting this, nobody is reading it. It's just for me. Damn I got serious. Going to get some stream of consciousness going to knock me out of the mundane.

I have a child. That's crazy. She's crazy. She sings and dances and is very happy and generally reminds me entirely of me at her age. Must make sure she doesn't get broken.
Single parent now apparently. woop woop.

Steven is gone. That's the main news. That's what matters. When it happened, earlier in the year, I was too concerned with keeping my current suicidal fiance alive, I couldn't get caught up in it. Now.. ten year anniversary.
I miss him. I think he would understand the way I miss him. Always the possibility to reconnect.

More later
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